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Schwinn Sierra Mountain Bike

Powered by the latest schwinns, the sierra is the perfect bike for those looking for a high-quality, rc-able bike. With a chrome-plated moly steel chain, the sierra is easy to use and makes a great pre-owned bike. Plus, the 4130 chrome moly edition is just fine without all the hassle.

Schwinn Sierra Mos Mountain Bike

Are you looking for a mountain bike that will make you look and feel like a pro? If so, the schwinn sierra is the perfect bike for you! This bike is sturdy, reliable, and sure to keep you going strong. Let me show you how great this bike is!

Schwinn Sierra Mountain Bike 1985

This is an excellent vintage schwinn sierra mountain bike. This bike is in excellent condition with no any flaws. This bike is a old school and has the old school look and feel. This is a great bike for a young rider's collection. This is a excellent bike for any events. The schwinn sierra mountain bike is a great choice for any event. the old schwinn mountain bike is a classic that's memories will last. This bike is cream-colored with black patent leathers and is lined with black chrome. The bike has a fillet-braked high sierra and is topped with a sliver of titanium. This bike is features include an easy-to-use steersqe-o-matic speedometer and an easy-to-repair steersqe-o-matic headtube. Is a 1984 model mountain bike that is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality bike. This bike is made of chromoly steel and has a 23 inch tall height at the time of production. It is also air-tight and water-resistant making it perfect for all kinds of rides. the schwinn highlander mountain bike is a classic that's strong, reliable and sure to help you reach your goals. This bike is plenty fast for everyday use, and is perfect for faster-paced adventures. With a 15-speed cassette, large tires, and an alloy frame, you'll be able to handle this bike with ease.