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Mountain Bike Miniclip

Introducing the sunlite these tiny, but powerful clips are sensational for taking on a mountain bike, they're also lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them first-class for busy people on the go.

Mountain Bike Miniclip Walmart

The sunlite toe clips mtb mini clip is an one-piece clip that helps keep mtb bikes in good condition, the clip is black and presents two sunlite logo symbols on it. This clip is manufactured from high-quality plastic and offers two metal clips that you can use to connect to your mavic mountain bike, the clip is uncomplicated to put on and off of your mtb and peerless for keeping your Bike safe and safe. We offer a range of mountain Bike clip points and clips for you to try and keep your Bike on the road, the sunlite mini clips are good example of a clip that can help keep your Bike on the road but is further affordable and straightforward to use.